Saturday, 28 August 2010

Midi .1 EP released!


So, firstly, I'm really bad at updating blogs aren't I?

Secondly, I have music to unleash upon the world!

Midi .1 EP is a short collection of 11 midi tracks I created recently. It started off with my decision to revamp a piece I wrote for college. It was a by the books Renaissance piece. Alright, but a little boring, so I decided to have a go at creating a midi version of it, but this time breaking a few rules along the way and the result is Dance of the Demented Fairies.

That's the oldest track on the EP, with parts dating back ten years and the rest dating back to this March.The newest one is Sketch Ditty Ditty, which I only declared finished a few days ago. The whole record is a big pile of electronic silliness and I hope that you (whoever you are) enjoy it.

The front cover here is mostly for my own amusement, because it's far too small to actually print up.

Midi .1 EP - Being an experiment in learning to write music again.

01 - False Beginings
02 - Wake Up Sleepy Head
03 - One October Morning
04 - Extended Theme From a 1970's Children's Art Show
05 - A Brief Conversation Between One Piano and Itself
06 - A Minor Case of the Musical Giggles
07 - Sketch Ditty Ditty
08 - A Brief Reprise of a Prior Conversation
09 - Dance of the Demented Fairies
10 - One Minute Twenty Six
11 - Close

I will be uploading 'Midi .2 EP' in two weeks time.

My next record after that will actually contain real instruments! : O
It will probably take a very long time.

Edit: The links got all messed up, but now they're not, so that's good.

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