Thursday, 27 October 2011

I've got a cool t-shirt. :)

I have a cool thing and that cool thing is a t-shirt and that t-shirt is a Grim Rabbit on and that Grim Rabbit one is in the picture below.

Aargh! No! It's a picture of me!

Oh, wait. There's one of those at the side of the post anyway... Hmm...

I hate photos of myself. I think I need a bigger hat than any of my current hats, one that I can hide under completely so I just appear as a giant hat with a pair of Converse, and maybe my stripy socks, sticking out the bottom like something out of a 1980s cartoon.

Anyway, this shirt came from the awesome people over at and is currently a complete one of a kind, unless you count the version that one of the cuddly bunnies I gave my mum last Christmas wears.

I made that coat thing from scratch and the t-shirt is a baby one with some extra stitching put in to make it fit. I should really have a go at making some more for my own toy bunnies sometime.

Speaking of bunnies, just look at those front teeth of mine.

Actually, come to think of it, please don't.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Robots, Lego and Hello Kitty

A little while back I did a post about the awesome things I would sell if I had a toy company. Well, I designed an ad!

Then my scanner went and then I forgot all about it, but here it is!

So, who wants to give me money to make them, huh?
They'll be awesome I'm tellin' ya.

Talking about toys, have you seen these?

How cute are they?
Mega Bloks (Yes, I know, but they're really not as bad as some people say) have been selling Hello Kitty sets for a while now. These ones go for about £2 for a figure a brick and an accessory in a blind-pack, and £4 for the slightly larger sets.

There's another one of those £4 sets with Hello Kitty wearing a chef's hat, but I can't really justify buying that one too.

Here's the background bricks, unobscured by cats.

Here are the accessories. They're all pretty nice other than the balloons. The balloons are pretty rubbish to be honest. The rest though, they're very nice, specially the cupcake and the umbrellas.

One of the nice little touches I like with the Hello Kitty sets is that pieces that could just be straight recolours have properly different schemes. Likewise, the fact that only one of the two figures in the raincoat has buttons that stand out and that one of the party hats is patterned and the other one isn't.

I'd like it if the two versions of the sailor suit were a bit more different from each other. Maybe another main colour, although I suppose blue is the obvious colour, or maybe make one of them sleeveless, or something like that. Anyway, it's a minor complaint. I still like them. : )

What's kind of odd is that whereas the Halo and Marvel blind-packs all seem to include a 2x4 brick, only three out of the five Hello Kitty ones I've got have them. One of them has a 2x2 brick to stand on and one has a 2x6 flat piece. Weird.

Also kind of weird is that all four of the bricks have text printed on the end.

I wonder what those numbers mean and whether there's similar ones on the bricks in the Halo and Marvel ones.

All in all, they're pretty funky. There are two characters other than Hello Kitty in the larger sets, her sister (Hello Kitty with the bow on the wrong side) and a sheep character of some description. I don't know what she's called.

I've seen a couple of images of what appears to be series two of the blind-packs including two of the sheep and one of the sister. Hopefully they'll actually show up in the shops soon.

Hello Kitty appears in Commander Cottontail as the ambassador for the Sanrio-Mega Bloks alliance. That isn't much of a spoiler seeing as the entire comic is based around a one off strip featuring her and the commander, which I've already posted about a bit.

Anyway, what's next?

Oh, yes. I have a friend called Pete and he's awesome. See, he knew I wanted this Lego minifigure, but couldn't really justify or afford it. A short while after I mentioned it, one turned up in the post. Brilliant.

Do you want to see what I wanted it for?
Well, I'm going to show you anyway. =P

It's a little Lego me! Complete with stripy sleeves, a Mega Bloks red umbrella and a big black hat.

And a Brick Forge acoustic guitar. Tha-wum!

Of course there's a few part that I have been buying myself on ebay, such as the torso on the figure below.

Can you guess who it is?
I hope so.

If you can't scroll down.

Further down.

Just a bit further down still.


If you can't work it out now then there' simply no hope for you. =P

Finally, to finish up, here's Commander Cottontail and some of his crewmates on the space station. :)

Next post on Thursday, probably. Warning, will probably contain a picture of me and not the Lego me. You have been warned.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Things, stuff and other subjects.

So, stuff. Yeah.
I should update this thing more often.

Anyway, here's a roundup of stuff I've been up to in case you don't already know.

Sketches! Sketches! Get your free sketches here!

If you've got a DA account and some free time I've got a journal up offering free sketches, ten in fact. The only condition is that you also offer to do ten free sketches. It's kinda neat. You should get me to draw you something.

I did guest comics!

Now, I've already mentioned this on the Gilbert and Grim website and on Twitter, but I'll mention it again anyway.

I recently did two guest crossover pages for the webcomic L33T starting here. One comic is a crossover with Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit and the other is a crossover with Commander Cottontail, which I'm sure will be ready to go live any week now.

I also did a guest comic for Callous Comics back in August, which I don't believe I've posted here before. Maybe I did. I'm not sure really. I might as well post it anyway, right?


Last, but definitely not least...

I need your help!

Yes, you right there. I need your help. Yes, definitely yours.

You see, me and Jess have been working with JJ Sandee of The House of Madness, Shazram and to produce an awesome kit bag for artists.

It's heavy duty, waterproof, can fit a who load of pens and pencils, as well as A4 and A5 sketchbooks, a phone and other bits and bobs, and it's made in the UK. I have one that I use myself and really, they are really good. I'm not just saying that. They really are.

So here's where you come in.

We have a Crowdfunder page for the bag to try and raise the funds to get the first full scale production run made.

Obviously, if you'd like to put some money towards it and get yourself a bag, that would be awesome, but if not you can still help, and I know you want to help because you're an awesome individual like that, by spreading the word, letting other people know that this thing exists and that we're trying to raise the money to get it produced.

Thanks in advance for being so awesome.

Next update on Tuesday: More toy robots, Lego and an awesome thing I have to show off.