Thursday, 27 October 2011

I've got a cool t-shirt. :)

I have a cool thing and that cool thing is a t-shirt and that t-shirt is a Grim Rabbit on and that Grim Rabbit one is in the picture below.

Aargh! No! It's a picture of me!

Oh, wait. There's one of those at the side of the post anyway... Hmm...

I hate photos of myself. I think I need a bigger hat than any of my current hats, one that I can hide under completely so I just appear as a giant hat with a pair of Converse, and maybe my stripy socks, sticking out the bottom like something out of a 1980s cartoon.

Anyway, this shirt came from the awesome people over at and is currently a complete one of a kind, unless you count the version that one of the cuddly bunnies I gave my mum last Christmas wears.

I made that coat thing from scratch and the t-shirt is a baby one with some extra stitching put in to make it fit. I should really have a go at making some more for my own toy bunnies sometime.

Speaking of bunnies, just look at those front teeth of mine.

Actually, come to think of it, please don't.