Friday, 1 April 2011

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and, along with some other equally mad people, I'm having a go at doing a poem a day for the whole month. Considering I don't write poetry normally, then this s just further proof that I've obviously lost my mind.

I've obviously gone a little mad,
You shouldn't worry - it's not that bad,
I'm just doing silly things,
Like writing poems that make you cringe,
(That's a half rhyme!)
And making books that might not sell,
And definitely won't sell well,
(Well, there are only two for sale)

I'm writing poems about writing poems,
What a silly, cliche thing to do,
It's almost midnight and it's all I can think of,
I said I'd do this too,

Now, this poem's structure might be strange,
But never mind, all the same,
I still managed to get one out,
Even if that's all it's about,

(I am a hack)

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