Tuesday, 2 August 2011

If I owned a toy company...

...it would make the most awesome toy robots ever.

Collect 'em all. They're awesome!

1) Daisy-bot - The miniature desktop vacuum bot!

Whenever Daisy-bot reaches the edge of a surface her eyes flash and she beeps at you. Daisy-bot is programmed with 32 different hygene related insults if she vacuums up too much dust and dirt in a short time.

2) Mr.Bot - The highly original bump'n'go robot.

Walks around aimlessly until he bumps into something and changes course. LED light up eyes change espression as he goes. The smoother the journey, the happier he is.

3) Radioactive Bunny-bot - Not actually radioactive.

Radioactive Bunny-bot has a light sensor in his chest. Watch as he changes direction and speed depending on light conditions. Also has an FM radio alarm clock mode that has him zip around at high speed while the radio plays at ever increasing volume.

So who wants to give me some money to get these made then?

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