Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pound World Sell The Coolest Toys

When people mention pound shops and toys you might picture dolls with their faces printed in the wrong places, toy guns that look like they'll slice a child's hand up if they hold them,  little plastic houses with furniture twice the height of one of the floors, clone action figures in entirely inappropriate metallic colours, superhero merchandise that looks about as legitimate as a nine pound note and plastic horses whose boxes claim they're ponies and whose heads have fallen off and are rolling around loose in those lying boxes.

And that would all be entirely fair because I've seen all of those things myself, but there are also the totally brilliant toys as well. No really, there are.

This lot for example:

A bunch of cool stuff.

That lot are all pretty awesome and came from my local Pound World and only half of them only cost 50p.

Zoobles are cool. They're little balls that turn into brightly coloured animals or little brightly coloured animals that turn into balls. One or the other.

They don't look like a whole lot when you take them out of their packets, but tap them against that little magnetic base their heads pop up and you get...

Aren't they cute? ^-^
One weird thing though, Redford (the one in the middle) is blue according to the packet, but the actual Redford there is purple. That's weird, right? I know the figures come in different colours in different sets. Maybe the individual packets have different colours as well and it's just coincidence that the other two match their packaging colours?

Only one way to find out!

Nope! The Redfords have just been packed in the wrong packets. Maybe that's how these ones ended up in Pound World?

Anyway we have...


Harry! (I'm totally going to get Harry in some more colours.)

And of course Redford.

Aren't they cute?
There are eight in this wave. I am so getting the other five.

Next up something I normally see for about £2 each in most stores, but are currently in Pound World on a 2 for a £1 deal.

Littlest Pet Shop figures are adorably cute, so it's pretty obvious I'd be a fan of them. Unfortunately in this case I got the same one twice, but hey, who's going to complain about getting two Tweety-birds for a pound?

"We tought we taw a puddy tat!"

You do find some odd things in pound stores though. Tie in toys for the French release of the Magic Roundabout movie?

I once read that The Magic Roundabout wasn't so much translated from French to English as a new writer sat down and just made up new dialogue to go with what they were seeing.

I'd like to think that when The Magic Roundabout movie hit France they returned the favour. Hell that's apparently what happened in the US and the UK and US speak the same language! Mostly.

Last up some Hello Kitty toys!

I like Hello Kitty toys. I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty toys. If you were feeling charitable you might call me a collector of Hello Kitty toys. For the less charitable amongst you, hoarder might also be an appropriate term to use.

I also like constructable things, though the buildable Hello Kitty figures are a little disappointing in that regard. None of the pieces from these two figures are compatible with each other, not even the bows. How am I going to make new outfit combinations from all my duplicates if I can't swap parts!?

Oh well, they're only 50p each, so I can't really complain.

"Now you go over there and I'll photograph you pretending to cook."

So to sum up, Pound World have cool toys and you should go have a poke around in there occasionally, specially if you like small, cute things.

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