Friday, 15 November 2013

Ryan Estrada's new Kickstarter looks kind of awesome.

Ryan Estrada, that guy who I'm still not convinced is real, has started another Kickstarter campaign and it looks kind of awesome.

The idea? Broken Telephone, a set of eighteen comics, illustrated by eighteen different artists released at a rate of one every two weeks and all that it'll cost you to get them? One measly little dollar.

The eighteen stories are all connected with each character playing the role of protagonist in one comic and villain in another. Eighteen dollars will get you a nineteenth comic in the series and pay an extra six dollars on top and you get another five fortnightly comics drawn by Mr Estrada himself on top of that! Isn't that a bargain?

It really is.

There are even five $200 rewards where you can get the original art for one of those last five comics, two of which are already taken. That is amazingly cool.

So go throw a load of money at him, he'll give you a bunch of cool comics and everybody wins! It'll be brilliant. Trust me.

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