Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My 2014 Comic Resolutions and Plans

It's January the first, a brand new year, a clean slate, a chance to... oh, what the hell. Basically it's Wednesday and I have to remember to stop writing 2013 on things, but tradition has it that this is the time to make all sorts of promises to yourself and anyone willing to listen, many of which you'll never ever keep, but hey, why not?

So, in the spirit of tradition here are my new year's comic resolutions and plans for 2014

1) Don't miss any updates. - Okay, this is a pretty obvious one and also probably a bit of a tricky one. Commander Cottontail has updated every Monday and Thursday, and a few other days, since it launched. Even when the computer I use to create it was out of order it still updated. Okay, it was a guest comic, but it updated. Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit has a slightly more patchy history though. I'm going to try though. If my recent attempt at daily comics has taught me anything it's that I can produce more pages than I normally do and there's no reason I can't build up a buffer and then when I inevitably get ill again it shouldn't mean updates should stop. Shouldn't.

2) Put out two Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit books. - That's right. Two books in one year. One will be an expanded and improved version of the current chapter. The other will be an expanded and entirely redrawn version of the first chapter. Can I do it? Maybe, probably. I might not sleep properly for a couple of weeks here or there, but I think I can do it.

3) Update the Commander Cottontail blog with at least three out of four comic pages. - This one is less about getting more work out there and more about getting rid of the absolutely huge review pile that's slowly taking over the living room.

4) Replace the banners on the Gilbert and Grim website. - They're really out of date and the first thing people see when they go to the site. I really need to replace them.

5) Put out volumes one and two of Commander Cottontail. - I've already started tweaking and editing some of the first hundred pages for volume one and with the comic rapidly reaching page two hundred I should have both volumes one and two ready for download soon(ish).

6) Get a finished first draft for the post-apocalptic bunny comic done. - I'm working on the script for a post-apocalyptic bunny comic. It won't be drawn by me. No, I'm not telling you any more than that.

7) Complete at least one bit of pixel art every week. - I really want to do a pixel comic one day. I haven't exactly decided what it's going to be, but I do want to do one, so I'd better get some practice in.

8) Update the character profiles on - Seriously, they're as out of date as the banners.

9) Experiment with software more. - I have image edited software and 3D modelling software that I've barely ever used and I really, really want to fix that. I also have a tablet that I've barely used, so this year I need to spend a lot more time learning how to get the most out of the things.

And that's it. Those are my comic related resolutions and plans for the year ahead. How many of them will I manage? Who knows, but I'm going to do my best. Promise.

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