Saturday, 11 September 2010

Midi .2 EP

Here it is the long awaited (well, for two weeks) follow up to Midi .1 EP, the twenty-something minute, slightly silly instrumental EP unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

This new follow up consists mostly of reworkings and reinterpretations (different enough for the most part to still be interesting I hope) of the tracks from Midi .1 EP, but also contains two brand new tracks Tin Dog and Winter Bells. Hopefully you'll find it all quite interesting.

the second and final phase of the musical experiment

01 - False Starts
02 - Wake Up Again
03 - A Brief Conversation Between a Piano and Some Drums
04 - Tin Dog
05 - Demented Dance of the 8bit Fairies
06 - Revamped Theme
07 - A Minor Return of the Musical Giggles
08 - Winter Bells
09 - One Minute Thirty Seven
10 - The Drums Get The Last Word
11 - Closed Again

Edit: The links all pointed to a subdomain that hasn't existed for a while now, but don't worry I fixed it. ^_^

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