Monday, 16 September 2013

Comics I Read Last Week - Week 1

So this is a thing I'm going to be doing from now on. Every Monday I'm going to post ridiculously brief reviews of all the comics I've read the previous week, old or new, print or digital. I'm not going to be covering webcomics, otherwise I'd end up mentioning the same twenty or so comics almost every week and that would be very, very boring.

I'll talk about those some other time.

Anyway, let's get on with this week's, or more precisely I suppose last week's, bunch of comics.

The Complete Bone Adventures Volume 1

I'd been meaning to check out Bone by Jeff Smith for quite a while having heard a hell of a lot of good stuff about it, so I got volumes 1 and 2 back in December and then, uh, took until now to actually read one of them. I wasn't dissapointed and I'm definitely not going to wait so long to read the second volume.

I must admit the start didn't exactly grab me. I don't know why, but I just didn't really enjoy the first few pages that much, but that all changed at about 23 pages in. The rest of the volume from that point on was great and I'd definitely suggest that anyone that enjoys comics that are fun, cute and full of adventure and terrifying mosters to check it out.

UK Web & Mini comix Thing 2008 Anthology

This is one you might have a bit of trouble getting your hands on, but it's definitely worth it if you can. The Thing was a comic con held in London each year between 2004 and 2010. I only went twice because I was living up the wrong end of the country (still am in fact) and I picked up this anthology at the 2009 (I think) Thing. Obviously this is a reread. I haven't just had the thing sat on a shelf for the last four years. It's far too good for that.

I must admit there are a few comics that I'm not such a fan of, but there are some really, really great ones in there. And giraffes, lots of giraffes for some reason.

It's very good and you'll probably never see a copy.

Adventure Time Volume 1

Do you like Aventure Time? Do you like comics? Do you have issues 1 - 4 of the Boom! Studios comic of the same name? If the answers to these questions are yes, yes and no then you need to buy this right now without question.

Oh, and pay close attention to the botton of the pages. :)

 The Sandman - The Doll's House 

Do I really need to write anything about this one? I suppose I should.

Hmm... Nope!
Moving on...

Odd-Fish Book 1 - Inexplicable Zebras

Here's another neat thing I picked up at the Thing. (See what I did there?) Odd-Fish is a nifty webcomic which you can read right here. It's not currently updating, but if you like three panel gag comics filled with highly detailed monochrome pictures of sea life making terrible puns, and who doesn't like highly detailed monochrome pictures of sea life making terrible puns, then check it out.

The Dream Stone issues 2-6

The Dream Stone was a brilliant cartoon back in the 90s and the fact that it's not currently on air is an absolute travesty. Whilst issue 1 of the comic is pretty rubbish, just a bunch of captioned stills from a VHS copy of the first episode, the next five issues are pretty brilliant, each containing one full, self contained, well paced little story.

Artist Tim Perkins has been quoted as saying that issues 7 and 8 were already in production when the title was cancelled and that sucks because these are some really fun comics. I like fun comics.

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