Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ryan Estrada is looking for suggestions for the next Whole Story

So yeah, what the title says.

The Whole Story is a really neat idea, a really, really neat idea. Bundles of DRM free digital comics starting at a single, solitary dollar for the basic bundle (though I'm pretty sure nobody would mind if you felt like paying a whole lot more). For readers it's a good way to discover new creators and for creators it's a good way to get a whole bunch of new readers, and also some money. Everybody wins!

To quote from the last Whole Story Kickstarter:

"The Whole Story is all about digital done right. We put our time and money into offering the best first-run comics, new translations, and high quality, complete versions of old favorites. We don’t force you to read them on certain devices or in certain apps, we let you download and keep your comics forever. We don’t force you to pay more than cover price, we let you name your own price.

Our books are bundled together in pay-what-you-want collections, and every book we bring you is a complete, stand-alone story. No cliffhangers that force you to pay more to find out what happens next! You can choose between Retina-resolution PDFs (for the highest quality), Web-resolution PDFs (for easy storage), or CBZs (in both resolutions, for use in comic-reading apps), all of which are DRM-free so you can download and keep them forever."

Check out the official twitter account here for more information or if you want to submit or suggest something email Ryan Estrada at

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